What is HOPA?

What is HOPA?


HOPA stands for Housing for Older Persons Act


According to the fchr.myflorida.com website, Housing For older Persons Requirements (Federal Register 24 CFR Part 100; section 760.24-760.37 (4a), Florida Statutes

For a community to be considered "housing for older persons" as a 55+ community, the housing must be intended and operated for occupancy by persons 55 years of age or older and meet the following requirements:

1. At least 80% of the occupied units are occupied by at least one person 55 years of age or older.

2. The facility or community publishes and adheres to policies and procedures that demonstrate its intent to in fact be a provider of housing for older persons.

3. The facility or community complies with rules established by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for verification of occupancy. 

The information provided is always subject to change, please visit US Department of Housing & Urban Development's website for additional details. 

To see what properties are currently available in 55+ communities, visit our page:  55 communities 

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