New Construction in Palm Beach County Florida

New Construction in Palm Beach County Florida


New and Pre Construction Homes in Palm Beach County:


Yes, there is new construction in South Florida! There are multiple areas in Palm Beach County that have new construction home projects. There are over 30 new construction developments in North Palm Beach County and 9 in South Palm Beach County.

Developments range in price from the low $200's up to $1 million+. This includes single family projects as well as active adult communities in our area.

We have recently posted a blog providing information about things to look for in new construction homes, in Palm Beach County. It's a good way to started, and orient you for this real estate area. You can also search new home developments in our idx.

If you are interested in finding out more about new or pre construction, contact us at your convenience. We would be happy to show you both move in ready and pre-construction homes. 

Let our experience help you find the best property for you and your family


Preventing Issues in your New Construction Home, Palm Beach County, Florida:


The home must maintain quality workmanship. This means everything must be in working order, and construction standards are met for your new home. Of course a thorough inspection usually takes care of this, but if a minor issue appears later, you have recourse. This can be a manner of even a florida heating and cooling cycle. A solid builder and inspector is the best offer, and this will also put in years before even a small crack appears, like older properties due to aging. The protection is that you do have recourse.

To go into further detail, there is a 10 year period where you can ask the builder to fix it. It's also best if for some time they offer a warranty. This means it's the company's policy to fix any potential issue that may arise, quickly and without hassle. So no one has to compel them to do this, it's their company's policy and reputation. A warranty is far easier, and a helpful thing to have. Even if they're a solid builder, we all know things come up and things aren't always perfect. It's just something to secure yourself home further


The Track Record of Your Pre Construction or New Construction Home Builder:


When you start to zero in on the area you like, and type of home. It's a good idea to double check the track record of the particular new construction builder. You can check with a separate home insurance agency, on what they're record is. We have experience with many of the builders, and also will be doing this for you. So that's a double check in itself. Some of the larger builders, obviously have a reputation. There are many medium size builders, it's hard to keep track of. So it's important to check their record that way, and how many years the records go for as well.


Besides the Inspection Beforehand, Keep Your Eye on Major Appliances Even After:


New Kitchens, and some bathroom items, come with their own guarantees. They're from well-known companies and they're very good. We're talking about other appliances throughout as well. Keep an eye on your air conditioning for example, that it's running consistently, and effectively. The inspector will do their own test to pass, but even after that. If an issue develops, your heating and air conditioning could be putting out too much moisture, which can cause some lack of functioning or even mold. It's best to just keep abreast of things, that sounds and functions smoothly. Or if forbid, any spots develop showing moisture or mold. It's best to prevent these things, or take care of it early. Likewise, it follows for other inside and outside appliances and utilities to your home. Make sure everything stays well.