As our last blog indicated, there are several different cities in Palm Beach County considering unique multi use developments. One of the latest to be discussed is in Delray Beach. A handful of developers are considering the development of a multi-use community in the area consisting of 50 acres off of Congress Avenue. The area would include the building for the original headquarters for Office Depot building and two other buildings.

  According to Key International, one of the said     developers, l the idea would be that the     community would house 759 residences: 524     rental apartments within multiple buildings, 123   condos within a cluster of four story buildings,   112 townhomes, in addition to 70,000 square feet   of office space and 100,000 square feet of retail   space (that will include restaurants).

The project, which has yet to be named and confirmed will be discussed in the fall by the City of Delray. It is worth mentioning, as it means more revitalization to Delray Beach. 

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